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Can you live and work in Portugal without speaking Portuguese?

Can you live and work in Portugal without speaking Portuguese?

Is speaking Portuguese really compulsory to work in Portugal?

On the one hand, more and more French people are settling there, forming a large expatriate community, and English is spoken internationally. On the other hand, you will inevitably come into contact with locals who speak only Portuguese during your expatriation.

So what's the verdict

Based on the Easy Relocate the answer is obviously yes, you can work in Portugal without speaking the language !

Economy, growth, talent: for several years now, Portugal has been attracting many foreign companies.

Among them, there are many French companies. If we only take into account startups, there were already 400 in Lisbon, Porto and elsewhere in 2018. You can find these companies looking for French profiles by using Easy Relocate form or by joining Facebook groups.

The most important thing is to have a good level of English, which will increase your chances.

Many recruiters are looking for English-speaking profiles, especially in the digital and tourism fields, which are currently in vogue. A good command of Spanish can also work in your favour.

So yes, with the strong development of tourism, more and more Portuguese people speak another language, even French. But is that enough to integrate you?

Nevertheless, mastering Portuguese is a real plus

For professional purposes, speaking Portuguese will inevitably open more doors for you. If you are completely bilingual, you have all the chances on your side!

But even an intermediate level or a few notions can be a real bonus. You can learn some expressions that will be useful at work.

In the end, it all depends on the company you are in and its various stakeholders. If its targets, customers, partners, employees or management teams speak French or English, you will have no problem.

On the other hand, if you do not speak Portuguese, your employment will be compromised.

In any case, expatriation to Portugal goes beyond work.

In your daily life, you will meet other expatriates, but also people who speak Portuguese. An effort to adapt is always appreciated and will strengthen ties.

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