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Best and Worst Seasonal Jobs in Portugal

Best and Worst Seasonal Jobs in Portugal

Best and Worst Seasonal Jobs in Portugal

Seasonal jobs are great because they allow you to earn extra money in a flexible manner.

However, we all know that not all seasonal jobs are rosy; in fact, there are jobs that should probably be avoided because they rank very low on the quality scale.

There are a few factors that are considered when determining how good or bad a seasonal job is. Some of the factors are pay, working conditions and the terms.

The best jobs are those that come with good terms and pay well. Working environment must also be suitable and inviting. Having said this, the following is an insight into some of the best and worst seasonal jobs.

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The Best Seasonal Jobs

Sales clerk

Working as a sales clerk at a retail store is one of the most rewarding jobs. Not only will you get excellent discounts for your own shopping, you will also most likely get a full-time job eventually. Every holiday season, over half a million retail sales clerk jobs are available. In this light, the prospects here are worthwhile.

Call Center

Working in customer service in Portugal is not always the easiest job to do, but it can build competence that people can carry with them for years to come. From accelerated training to superior people skills, many jobs in the customer service arena teach individuals things they may not learn elsewhere about work, people and life.

It’s no surprise that many people have worked in a call center environment a time or two in their lives. Some people are attracted to this line of work because it tends to pay much better than other customer service jobs in Portugal. Some call centers offer bonuses and other exciting incentives.

Some potential employees might be interested because it’s ever-changing, interesting and tends to offer more flexibility in their schedules. Whatever the reason might be, people tend to learn and grow while working in customer service, more specifically in a call center environment.

Package delivery worker

This is yet another great seasonal job that you can get easily. In fact, statistics from FedEx and UPS state that the number of jobs available seasonally is over 20,000. In other words, you can get a fair pay by delivering packages as desired. The holiday season comes with a huge boom for such delivery and to ensure promptness, these delivery companies will always hire seasonal staff to realize the tasks.

Food server

Because of the high demand for restaurant food during the holiday season, food servers will have lots to do. In fact, nearly half of all part-time positions are in the food industry. Apart from the fair pay, you will be well fed! Consider other jobs like candy making which is also a favorite for many.


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The Worst Seasonal Jobs

Working in a restaurant 

Working at a restaurant in Portugal, initially, you would expect the pay to be worth all the work that is done. At least that’s what I had assumed before working in the restaurant industry. The first days seemed to be exciting, as I was reassured that I would move up very quickly by my supervisors, till it became a consistent stall over time. That would not have been a worry if the list of what I did and had to deal with was actually worth the pay they gave out.

Often times the number of people that quit or do not show up to their shifts, is insane, making it difficult for everyone to do their job. You will hear a lot of stress and labor amongst everyone working in the restaurant, having to do a lot of tasks and dealing with a lot of angry customers.

Taxi / Uber / Free Now driver

This is one of the most challenging jobs because it is known for being prone to a very high crime rate. Additionally, it pays no more than 10,00€ per hour. It is also a stressful job that involves a lot of pressure from clients. It is therefore not your best option unless you absolutely love driving. Going for better rated seasonal jobs is generally in order.

There are many other jobs that rank best and worst. However, if you have mastered a certain area and are comfortable with the disadvantages, it is perfectly fine to make your own decision on what job is the best or worst.


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