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How to make a good Portuguese CV with Easy Relocate

How to make a good Portuguese CV with Easy Relocate

In general, the Portuguese CV is written in chronological order and contains a maximum of two or three pages, which must be typed and fit on an A4 format.

You can add a photograph.

In a Portuguese CV, you must indicate the following points

  • Personal data
  • Education: do not forget to specify your exam results
  • Professional experience: precise dates, function, tasks accomplished...
  • Hobbies-activities
  • Things to know to write a good Portuguese CV

Often, the different sections are numbered. Sometimes a special section dedicated to computer skills can be included. It is very common to include the identity card number in the personal data.

Your CV must be clear and well presented, especially in the "Professional experience" section. This section is very important, you must indicate your missions and tasks, specify the position you held and the benefits you brought.

The "Education" section is also very important and you must specify your initial and continuing education.


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